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A Provider First Platform

Trusted where it
matters most

Rural providers are often the sole health resources for their communities—that’s why our platform was designed, and is trusted, to meet your needs and the needs of your patients.

More than a
platform—a partner

With Azalea Health, we are not just your EHR provider, we are a resource and a partner you can rely on. We’re just a call or click away whenever you need us.

Guided by a
singular vision

The Azalea Health platform is purpose-built to create one record of truth for each patient—enabling providers to be informed and intentional with their care.

Focused on what’s important

We make technology invisible so providers can be more present.

100% cloud-based

Our secure 100% cloud-based platform accelerates the impact of care and future-proofs your hospital or clinic.

Simple and seamless

Our platform streamlines the way care is delivered, enhancing your patient’s experience- while minimizing time spent charting after hours.

Core Services

Why Choose Azalea Health?


Brian Miller, CEO of DeWitt Hospital

“Azalea simplified the process and worked to ensure integration into our existing radiology and lab solutions. They worked across our groups, including nursing, registration and IT, to make sure everyone was aligned, informed and prepared on Day One.”

Mindy Monroe Director of RCM at Madison Parish

“I would recommend the clinic package to anybody,” Monroe said. “They’re able to build things the way you want them, and you’ll quickly realize it’s the best decision you can make in a rural health setting.”

Kyle Parks

“Honestly, what I like tremendously about the web-based [EMR] is that while I’m here at the conference, if I need to do chart work or look up a patient it is very easy to do.”

Sandy Majors ER Hospital Group

 “The hospitals I work with really value customer service – we work on it daily with our patients. So it is refreshing to find an organization that has the same value as we do.”


We’d love to share with you how our single platform can boost your ability to provide care and support the needs of your clinic or hospital.