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Training future healthcare providers with real-world technology

Whether it’s for training future healthcare providers in the classroom or in the school clinic helping students, Azalea Health’s cloud-based electronic health record solution (EHR) provides a real-world technology for school clinics and academic use. Azalea Health is the only EHR on the market that offers a full featured EHR solution including a patient portal for training students.

The Azalea platform is the result of a unique partnership of industry and academics that brings industry expertise and innovation into the classroom at academic health centers and into school clinics.

Making healthcare accessible in rural school clinics

The Azalea EHR solution provides rural schools with a cloud-based technology that enables the school clinics to better manage student health charts and records. Students can be seen onsite in the school clinic and, using the Azalea Health solution, patient encounters can be documented accurately and shared with specialty and primary care providers.

As a result, students are treated and diagnosed faster, and parents don’t have to take time off work or lose wages from driving their children to their family care provider. By having an EHR that makes charting available at the school clinic, students will not have to miss school or delay medical care.

Read more about our rural schools project.

Azalea Health sponsored the first hackathon in south Georgia. Students from local high schools and universities competed.

We are very excited to partner with Azalea Health in this important healthcare program with the county schools. We are confident that Azalea’s EHR will greatly benefit the K-12 schools, and the families and communities surrounding them. Once we test the program, we plan to extend it to other rural schools.

Sherry Williams
Georgia Partnership for Telehealth

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