DeWitt Hospital Case Study

The Importance of Interoperability

About DeWitt Hospital

DeWitt Hospital is a critical access hospital in DeWitt, Arkansas. It provides emergency and outpatient services for rural Southeastern Arkansas. The hospital is equipped with a radiology department, a laboratory department, a respiratory department and an emergency room. It also operates a nursing home attached to the hospital, the Ferguson Rural Health Clinic, and the local ambulance and paramedic services.

When Brian Miller joined DeWitt Hospital as CEO in January 2019, the hospital’s existing EHR from CPSI was sunsetting and the facility had nine months to find a replacement. Miller and staff knew they needed a system that was light on maintenance, updates and support; was able to adjust to different workflows and care levels; and was supported by a team willing to be a partner to the hospital, rather than just another vendor.

“Azalea simplified the process and worked to ensure integration into our existing radiology and lab solutions. They worked across our groups, including nursing, registration and IT, to make sure everyone was aligned, informed and prepared on Day One. Azalea has been a very supportive and attentive partner, and we still meet with them twice a week.”

– Brian Miller

Their Journey to an Integrated Network

For DeWitt, Azalea was instrumental in facilitating its connection to the SHARE HIE. With the vendor’s help, DeWitt became one of the first providers in Southern Arkansas to be connected to the SHARE program. “The SHARE program has led to more informed care transitions between DeWitt and other local community clinic providers,” Miller explained. “We use the exchange to share episodic admission/discharge/transfer data, discharge summaries, radiology reports, image narratives, laboratory results, prescribed medications and clinical procedures. Our clinic gets 24-hour daily reports on all our patients, and we get notified in real time when any patient has an ED or inpatient discharge or if they test positive for COVID-19.”