Billing Company Case Study

About This Billing Company

This midwestern billing company helps behavioral health specialists manage insurance plan enrollment and drive better, faster reimbursements.

Established in the mid 90’s, the company is dedicated to therapy billing and has made serving behavioral health providers a crucial part of the organization’s mission.

The company was integrated onto the Azalea Health platform as part of an acquisition. Working directly with billing company leadership and staff, Azalea Health ensured a seamless transition from the legacy billing software onto Azalea Health’s fully cloud-based solution. The approach minimized disruptions, eliminated any potential gaps in service, and delivered customer support measured on the billing company’s success.

Reported Service Interuptions During COVID-19

How Does This Billing Company Leverage Azalea Health?

Because of the decision to move onto Azalea Health’s cloud-based solution, the company reported no interruptions in service resulting from COVID-19. And while the clinics served by the billing company have seen a drop in in-person visits, they quickly shifted to telehealth to ensure care continuity and to recoup revenue. As part of the Azalea Health software, telehealth options are made available as an extended service that can be offered by a billing company to its clients.

This company also uses custom workflow and billing configurations, to leverage an interface that provides for flexibility over time, along with enhanced automation and account receivable processes designed for speed and ease of use.

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