Faster, Smoother Payment Cycles. More Time and Energy for Patients.

RCM Billing Services

Imagine what it might be like to have more of what you want. More revenue, delivered faster. More confidence in the financial stability and growth opportunities for your practice. More time to spend caring for and interacting with your patients. It’s all possible with Azalea Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Billing Services.

Leverage the end-to-end expertise of dedicated billing personnel with experience in close to 30 specialties, knowledge on the latest regulatory developments, coding requirements, reimbursement rules and standards – for both standard and telehealth billing. RCM Billing Services includes a full range of accounts receivable functions — electronic claims submission, reimbursement accounting, denials management, patient invoicing, collections, detailed billing reports, physician contracting and credentialing.

By the numbers:

• Azalea consistently performs 15-20% better than MGMA industry standard for average days outstanding of A/R

• Azalea’s claims are submitted 5-7 days faster than the industry average

• 98%+ of claims submitted by Azalea practices are successfully adjudicated on the first submission

RCM Resources

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Bill More. Collect Faster. Grow your Practice with Azalea RCM.

“Since implementing Azalea RCM in our ER and clinics, our billing accuracy has significantly increased.”
– Dave Flanders, COO, Candler County Hospital

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RCM Benefits

  • Azalea EHR is free with Azalea RCMall with end-to-end billing cycle management from an experienced, dedicated team of coders and account managers.
  • Real revenue growth – More efficient A/R translates into faster payment cycles and increased collections as much as 10% – 30% with direct deposit of reimbursements.
  • Reduced overhead — Reduce the need for retain and train billing staff on the constant shifts in reimbursement trends. Reduce storage and filing issues from paper EOBs.
  • Denials management – Reduced denials and errors mean faster, more accurate payments.
  • Detailed billing reports and dashboard – Provides data to make more informed decisions for your practice business.
  • RCM Billing for Telehealth – Capture reimbursement for both professional and facility/institutional fees for qualifying telehealth visits

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Doug Swords, Co-founder, VP or RCM

Douglas Swords helms the company’s back-office Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) service division, driving bottom line

growth for Azalea clients.