Telehealth Starter Kit

This starter kit is designed to help you communicate the availability of telehealth to your patients, deliver instructions to your staff and patients, make the most out of your telehealth sessions, and support telehealth billing and coding.

If you have questions, or need any help, please do not hesitate to ask!

Billing Guide

Best Practices Guide

Patient Communication Kit

Telehealth Promotion Templates

The Solution 

Can Be Live In 48 Hours

& Includes All This ->

For Just $150

Patient Portal
Pre-Built Templates
5 Physicians
Secure Text Messaging

Remote Patient Care Suite

Through simplified, clinician-centered technology, we are enabling telehealth visits, recouping revenue, and keeping providers connected to their patients.

Providers are using Azalea Health to ensure care continuity, recoup revenue, and reduce for their patient population.

Helpful Content

Telehealth In Behavioral Health

Learn from your colleagues

Providers Respond to COVID-19

Understand how your experience compares to other providers

Reimbursement Calculator

Estimate the revenue that you can recoup

We see this as a wonderful tool to help us stay connected and to serve our patient population now and into the long term.”

Jill Veach, Program Administrator
Mebs Counseling

Helpful Videos

Telehealth Overview

[Webinar] Lessons Learned During COVID-19

How To Join A Telehealth Meeting

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