Should your practice become an RHC?
Webinar Series: RHC Consideration, Certification, and Success

Should your practice become an RHC?

Join our webinar series, RHC Consideration, Certification, and Success where we dive into these questions and more. Learn from rural health expert and certified biller, Helen Williams CPC, CPM, on what it means to succeed in rural health.

When does the webinar series start?

Join us Thursday, 9/21 at 1:00 est for the first installment of the series, RHC Consideration: Should your clinic become an RHC?,  to see if your clinic would benefit from becoming an RHC.

What will the webinar cover ?

In the first webinar we will cover RHC requirements, types of RHCs, pros and cons of conversion, and what is needed in an EMR for RHCs. Follow up webinars will cover the certification process and what reports are required for compliance.

What are the webinar topics?

In total, the series will be four 30 minute webinars long. Recordings will be made available online so you can jump in anytime. 


Who should join?

Anyone who practices medicine or works for a clinic in a rural area that wants to learn how to solve workforce shortages and increase practice revenue. From the practice manager to billing staff, everyone in the clinic will learn something new about this opportunity by joining this webinar. Critical Access Hospital leaders who want to learn about converting their clinics would also benefit from this webinar.

Find out if your zip code has a rural designation by using this link at Scroll down and see if your area has a shortage designation in either primary care or mental health.

Who can I talk to about becoming an RHC?

Schedule time with Azalea’s rural health expert and webinar speaker, Helen Williams, for a free 30 minute consultation on if becoming an RHC is right for your clinic and how to get started in the process. Current RHCs are also welcome to schedule this time and use it to optimize workflows. Join a webinar for Helen’s contact information or email for more information.

Will a recording be sent out?

Yes, a recording will be sent out to all registrants. The webinar video will also be made available online so that you can stay caught up with the series. 

What if I am already an RHC?

That’s okay! Parts 2, 3, and 4 will cover how to increase success as an RHC and making the reporting and compliance needs easier to achieve. 

How does Azalea support RHCs?

Azalea supports RHCs with built in features that help make reporting, compliance, and billing easy. Learn more about our RHC specific features in a one on one demo or by checking out our Rural Health Clinics page. 

How can I register?

Use the link below to save your seat for the first webinar. You can also go ahead and register for the rest of the series by following the links on that same page.