How Mobile Apps Can Greatly Benefit Hospitalists & Reduce Burnout

With 75% of US hospitals utilizing hospitalists, it is no wonder more and more new physicians are saying “yes” to this specialty and all that it offers – better pay, predictable schedule, improved work-life balance, and job security.

Still relatively new in the world of medicine (first coined in 1996), hospitalists have a growing and evolving role in patient care at hospitals. They are expected to coordinate care with sub-specialties, therapists, and nursing; order tests, labs, and meds; and review results. It’s become important for hospitalists to have a tool that allows them to be organized, efficient, and connected. 

Rounding at various facilities – LTACH, inpatient, emergency, SNF – using different EHRs, makes having a consistent workflow challenging and can impede your ability to focus on what’s most important- patient care! Without an efficient routine, it’s no wonder that hospitalists report bureaucratic tasks are their number one cause of burnout.  We often hear that hospitalists’ documentation and charge capture processes are bounced around various EHR systems and even paper! 

But, with mobile applications, hospitalists can digitally document, capture charges, and communicate on the go! And, here at Azalea, we support various contractual arrangements between hospitals and hospitalists.

With that in mind, we want to share the benefits of using an on-the-go rounding app.

Benefits of Mobile, Digital Documentation for Hospitalists

  • Easy to use! Created for simplified rounding documentation, quickly enter notes at the point of care.
  • Eliminates duplicate work. Handwriting notes and digitizing later creates room for error and takes more time and effort. 
  • Complete, accurate records. Simply print and provide a paper note as needed. Digital records are instantly referenceable and eliminate missing notes.
  • Report on outcomes. Tracking outcomes for a single hospitalist or across a team of hospitalists supports the value hospitalists contribute to patient outcomes.

Get home on time! Round with a mobile charting app and eliminate the extra paperwork at the end of the day!

Benefits of Mobile Charge Capture for Hospitalists

Paper superbills have been eliminated for a reason. They are susceptible to billing errors, slow reimbursements, and increase the risk of missed or lost charges. Don’t miss out on revenue you have already earned!

    • Speeds reimbursement. From bedside to billing – your billing department can view and submit charges as they come in.
    • Safeguard against missing charges. Eliminate manual data entry for accurate claims and virtually eliminates the fear of missing charges!
    • Physician-friendly coding. CPT and ICD-10 code searches speed selection or can be selected from a favorites list.
    • Optimizes workflows. Reduce billing staff to hospitalist ratio by eliminating data entry.

Connect & Communicate On The Go!

With integrated messaging you can easily communicate with your billing staff and patients’ PCPs.

Quickly capture patient images for charting or images of superbills or documents to be transmitted back to your office.

Stay on top of your day with a mobile-friendly view of your schedule.

Demonstrate Value

With continued growth in the hospitalist field expected, it is becoming increasingly important for hospitalists and groups to prove value. Azalea’s robust reporting allows you to provide summarized reports on patient outcomes.

If your hospitalists are feeling bogged down by various routines and paper processes – it is time to look at Azalea’s mobile rounding app. Our rounding app helps to ensure you get paid for services delivered and make it home on time. Schedule a chat today with a member of our hospital executive team.