Revolutionizing Medical Billing: The Power of Automated Split Billing

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In the complex landscape of healthcare billing, the demand for Split Billing, or Split Claims, is particularly prevalent in various healthcare settings, such as Rural Health Clinics, Infertility Treatment Centers, and Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASC).

The Challenge:

Manual splitting of claims can be time-consuming and error-prone, leading to increased stress for billing staff and potential loss of reimbursements. This blog explores the transformative impact of Automated Split Billing, a solution designed to streamline processes and enhance efficiency.

What is Automated Split Billing?

Automated Split Billing is your game-changer in healthcare billing. Imagine effortlessly dividing a single healthcare claim into multiple, accurately targeted claims without the manual hassle. That’s Automated Split Billing for you—a smart, efficient solution that takes the pain out of traditional split billing processes.

For healthcare providers in diverse settings, including Rural Health Clinics and Fertility Clinics, Automated Split Billing is a beacon of efficiency. It streamlines billing operations, allowing you to allocate more resources to what truly matters—delivering exceptional patient care.

Example of Encounter Split Rules in the automation engine.

Benefits of Automated Split Billing:

By automating the split billing process, end users can redirect their focus to more challenging billing tasks, ultimately reducing the stress on healthcare providers. Automated Split Billing empowers users to program rules that dictate how encounters should be split, significantly increasing the number of claims filed per day and accelerating fund recovery, thus minimizing Days in AR.

Preview and Confidence:

One key feature of Automated Split Billing is the Split Billing Preview, enabling users to create, preview, and verify rules before execution. This ensures accuracy and gives billing staff the confidence to explore and implement rules tailored to their practice’s needs.

Explore RCM Automation the Azalea Way:

The heart of Automated Split Billing lies in Azalea’s Automation Rules Engine. This user-friendly engine simplifies the process, allowing billing staff to compose and execute actions with just a click. By eliminating approximately 6-9 clicks per encounter, it significantly boosts operational efficiency.

The Future of Revenue Cycle Management (RCM):

As the cost of quality patient care rises, healthcare professionals are facing the challenge of managing higher patient volumes. Automation emerges as the future of Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), offering invaluable assistance to billing staff in minimizing costs while maximizing reimbursements.

Empowering Providers:

Azalea’s Automated Split Billing emerges as a solution that paves the way for maximum efficiency. It allows healthcare providers to concentrate on delivering quality patient care while ensuring the financial health of their practice. Make the shift to Automated Split Billing with Azalea and experience the future of RCM automation.

Where can you find the Automated Split Billing Feature?

This feature is automatically included in Azalea’s award-winning Practice Management tool. If you are already an Azalea customer you can learn more in this article. If not, schedule a demo to learn more!