Value. Simplicity. Impact. Built For Rural & Critical Access Hospitals.

InPatient EHR

At Azalea Health, we believe there’s a difference between using technology meaningfully, and just meeting Meaningful Use.

Our InPatient EHR is built to deliver meaningful clinical and financial outcomes for rural and critical access healthcare. Designed for efficiency, the cloud-based infrastructure drives cost savings in hardware, speeds deployment and training time, and increases application availability. If you can get to the internet, you can get to an Azalea product.

On a mission to achieve a One Patient, One Record environment, for the benefit of our client and their patients.

 Discover the complete Enterprise Suite.

For Emergency DepartmentsFinancials & ERP

Azalea InPatient EHR Benefits

  • The Complete Package – The Enterprise Suite options include Inpatient EHR, Ambulatory EHR, Emergency Department System, and Financial-ERP modules. We deliver those products with value added MU/Quality Compliance Services that ensure you stay compliant.
  • The Best of Both Business and Clinical – Available RCM Billing Services make sure that your technology works even harder for you
  • Cloud-based – Means there is no software to download and no hardware to maintain. Save precious time and money.
  • Adaptable Customization – Customizable one-click order sets and a proprietary charting form configuration engine to let you document more efficiently and confidently
  • Valuable, Interoperable Extras – Stay ahead of the curve with fully-integrated telehealth, lab and radiology integrations and more