Diagram illustrating our complete cloud-based EHR and RCM Billing Services solution

Azalea Health’s goal is to reduce the complexity of operating a medical practice, enabling physicians to spend more time with their patients. Our cloud-based solution is simple to implement and easy to use. It streamlines administrative workflow while maximizing a practice’s resources and Revenue Cycle Performance™.


Azalea Health products provide continuity in workflow by seamlessly connecting the clinical side with the financial side. Its cloud-based architecture ensures a secure, scalable solution that grows with your needs. Layers of security are built into our products to meet stringent HIPAA and PHI requirements.


With Azalea Health your front office can be managed from a single screen, and templates are customized to your specific encounters. Reduce admin time with pre-filled SOAP notes, including ICD and CPT codes, custom treatment plans, orders, prescriptions, recalls, and more.


Azalea products accommodate multiple specialties of any size practice, from solo physician practices to hospital systems. The simple, cloud-based Azalea EHR provides a comprehensive solution from scheduling and charting to billing and online CPOE. It is Meaningful Use Certified, and Azalea RCM boasts a 98% accuracy rate, reducing claim denials and protecting the fiscal health of your practice.


The Azalea Health solution requires very little effort to manage due to its simple design and cloud-based infrastructure. It requires no Citrix interface. This means there is no maintenance or software upgrades required by the customer. The Azalea team ensures the solution fits your workflow and your needs.

Getting Started

You can get started with the complete EHR and billing services solution, or start with EHR/PM and add services as needed. Our customers see the best results, however, when implementing a complete, integrated EHR and RCM Billing Services solution for seamless connectivity between the clinical side and financial side.

  • EHR & RCM solution – Provides a complete integrated end-to-end solution for ambulatory practices.
  • Custom templates – Use custom forms or adjust an existing template from our extensive library.
  • We embrace interoperability – Azalea interfaces easily with national labs and health systems.
  • Secure – Every file and document is encrypted and stored in the cloud meeting HIPAA requirements for HIPAA secure messaging.
  • Meaningful Use dashboard enables practices to monitor physicians’ status.
  • SOAP technology – Simple SOAP (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan) notes generation improves workflow and is easy for physicians to use.
  • Collaborative Charting™ – Enables your team to work on the same chart simultaneously.
  • Mobile Azalea mhealth is accessible from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Azalea Patient Portal promotes secure patient engagement.
  • Automatic updates of code sets – The system is automatically updated with the latest revisions to the CPT, HCPCS, ICD-9 and ICD-10 code sets at no additional charge.
  • Comprehensive reporting – Generate detailed, customized demographic and financial reports.
  • Developed in the US with US-based support and training.

Why Azalea? It’s not complicated.

This chart provides a comparison of product and service features of Azalea Health competitors.

*This chart provides a comparison of product and service features of Azalea Health competitors. The information is based on feedback from clients and competitor websites. 

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