happy family of patients“Our workflow is more streamlined and tasks, such as processing patients, are easier and more efficient.” -Tripp Lester, Office Manager, South Georgia Pediatric

Azalea Health was developed specifically to engage the patient in the quality of their care. With its secure patient portal, direct messaging, and custom templates, Azalea is all about connecting patients with their healthcare providers more efficiently.

The Azalea Health integrated, cloud-based Azalea EHR, Azalea Practice Management and Azalea RCM Billing Services solution was developed to simplify the life of physicians and patients. It connects the clinical side with the financial side of a practice, integrates easily with existing systems, and is as simple to use as an email tool.

Benefits & Features

  • Azalea Patient PortalAccess records and schedule appointments. Promotes secure patient engagement.
  • Direct messaging – Patients can communicate directly and securely with their physicians.
  • Collaborative Charting™ – Enables your physician’s team to work on the same chart simultaneously improving workflow and efficiency.
  • Accommodates multiple specialties – We serve a variety of specialties by incorporating custom templates to meet diverse patient needs.
  • Developed in the US with US-based support and training.


 Azalea’s Patient Portal solution helps patients communicate with providers
Azalea’s Patient Portal allows patients to interact and communicate with their healthcare providers anytime.

Patient Portal