[one_half]Local customer support for healthcare services[/one_half]
[one_half_last][testimonial author=”Nimish Shah DNP, CNS-BC, Progressive Therapeutics LLC”]”Prior to switching to Azalea our workflow was fragmented. We were having to use multiple programs which made it cumbersome to keep a smooth and steady workflow. The excellent customer service department was a large reason as to why we decided to make the move to Azalea.”[/testimonial][/one_half_last]
Azalea Health is your one-stop shop for software and Healthcare Services. Our goal is to automate and improve your practice workflow and maximize your profit potential. Let our experienced staff do the work for you, leaving you and your staff free to focus on providing quality healthcare.

The Azalea Health team is focused on improving patient care by providing the highest level of innovative technologies, solutions, and services to the healthcare community. Azalea Health products have the flexibility to accommodate multiple specialties of any size practice, from solo physicians to hospital systems.

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