Rural Health

Hometown Health Logo for rural healthcareThe members of HomeTown Health collectively seek ways to improve healthcare services and provide best practices and assistance to healthcare providers and rural hospitals so they can survive in this environment of constant change.

They are focused on creating a provider organization that is able to provide rural healthcare of high quality, easy access, and competitive costs while operating under a heavily regulated rate environment and utilizing an electronic health record.


The HomeTown Health mission is to provide value added services that:

  • Assist hospital survival by improving payer reimbursement.
  • Cut hospital operating cost, improving the bottom line results and long term viability and survival.
  • To provide continuing education in the form of live training workshops, live/online training in member facilities, webinar training, distance learning, and online training on
  • To provide continuous process improvement by identifying best practices and offering a team of validated best practice business partners.

Governor Nathan Deal addresses Hometown Health members and announces legislation and committee dedicated to improving rural health in Georgia.