Cloud Technology





Cloud-based means any time, anywhere access to data, reduced costs, increased scalability and more.

No Upgrades Required

The cloud is here to stay and is widely accepted as safe and reliable – which is why Azalea Health is a true cloud-based solution. This means there is no maintenance or software upgrades required. And because safety is of the utmost importance, our cloud-based solution meets stringent HIPAA and PHI requirements.

Why a cloud-based solution?

  • Cost effective
  • No infrastructure to maintain
  • Resource sharing – information more readily available
  • Secure – May be the most secure model available in healthcare because it can scale for the highest level of security protocols
  • HIPAA-ready cloud servers are highly secure and flexible

Doctors get to focus on patients, and we take care of the rest.

Need more to convince you cloud-based EHRs are better than non cloud-based?

Read “Web-Based, Cloud-Based, SaaS… What is it, and Why do you need it?” to find out what makes cloud-based ideal.