Value Added Reseller Program

Grow your business into the future.

Azalea Health’s VAR program provides incentives for introducing Azalea Health products and services to those you do business with.

Your Business, Powered by Azalea

You know the needs of your customers and have built a strong, trusted-advisor relationship. With their changing needs, they depend on you to provide direction on technology solutions that will support their business into the future.

VAR Program Benefits:

  • Tiered compensation based on your business model and services offered

  • Multi-year recurring revenue on our suite of SaaS products

  • Simplified client IT needs

Azalea’s Cloud-Based Products

Leading Technology For Your Customers

Azalea offers a complete suite of modern clinical, financial and administrative software and services for ambulatory clinics.

  • No downloads.
  • No servers.
  • 100% cloud-based, mobile-friendly

2015 Certified

Azalea is committed to meeting regulatory requirements — supporting practices in their goal to achieve positive participation in government programs.

DG_CertBadge_ONCHealthIT_2015_Large (2)

Built For Mobile

Doctors are on the go and with Azalea, so is their EHR. Any device, anytime, anywhere. What is better than that?

Streamlined RCM

Tracking billing KPIs, staffing, ongoing training – keeping a billing department running let alone efficient is no easy task.

Amaze your customers with the revenue our award-winning RCM team can uncover.

Proven Time-Saving Solutions

Easy to use and even easier to implement, our cloud-based system is designed for speed.

On average, Azalea streamlines billing and practice workflow by 37%. 

And that’s not all…

  • Entering a prescription: 210% faster
  • Documenting a patient visit: 41% faster
  • Registering a new patient: 78% faster
  • Posting an electronic payment: 96% faster

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Rian Faircloth, Director of Business Development

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