Azalea® M – Mobile Health

Man using Mobile Health on tabletProviders are always on-the-go, juggling schedules and locations. It’s critical that your software is as mobile as you are. Your practice and patient data is accessible from anywhere with our Mobile Health solution.

Azalea Health’s products are compatible with smartphones and tablets, allowing your practice to be only a click away.

Azalea’s mobile solution allows physicians to send encounter charge information directly to billing over a mobile device. It delivers billing information directly to your back office from any point-of-care, ensuring visit charges never get lost in transit.

Physicians can access their patient list in Azalea® M, while reviewing every encounter and patient demographics. The new Azalea M mobile app also provides patients with the opportunity to engage in their own healthcare by accessing health information such as recent doctor visits and lab results, conveniently scheduling new appointments, increasing communication with providers, and much more.

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Azalea® M Mobile Health Features

  • Touch ID login with fingerprint scan
  • Secure encryption protects data both in transit and at rest
  • Track all user activity 

For Providers:

  • Eliminate lost charges and increase revenue to your practice
  • Mobile charge capture integrates with Azalea RCM
  • Generate cash flow by turning accounts receivable into cash quicker
  • Create an active log of charges for reconciliation and status checking
  • Send facility face sheets to billing wirelessly over mobile device in real time
  • Keep a list of your favorite billing codes making it easy to submit charges quickly
  • Access patient records easily and securely to apply subsequent visit charges
  • Switch between different patient accounts without logging into multiple accounts
  • Complete library of ICD & CPT Codes – Pre-loaded with the most current diagnosis and procedure codes
  • Full access to Azalea Health’s Support Site at any time

For Patients:

  • Send and receive messages to and from your provider
  • View upcoming and past appointments, as well as schedule new appointments
  • View lab results
  • Participate in live telehealth appointments with your providers from anywhere
  • View documents released to your patient portal
  • View your account summary
  • View your medications


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Mobile Patient List
Mobile Telehealth
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