RHC Inspection Preparation Quiz

Whether you are considering RHC certification for your rural practice or you’ve been certified for years – the inspection process is detailed so you’ll want to be prepared!

Take our short, unofficial, RHC inspection readiness quiz and see your score to get a feel for how ready you are for an inspection. 


RHC Inspection Readiness Quiz

Whether it is your first or fifth, preparing for an RHC survey can be daunting – organizing, cleaning, and updating and reviewing policy with staff. Take our short Mock Survey and see if you are on track!

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How do you handle medication samples?

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What are your clinic operating hours?

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If asked a question about a policy and procedure that you are not familiar with, how should you answer?

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Do you know where your policies and procedures are located?

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RHC requirements were changed in October 2019. Which of these describes you best?

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How many hours is a mid-level required to work in your clinic?

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How are temperature sensitive medications handled?

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How do you discard medications?

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How often is an annual review required?

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How do you track expired medications?

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How often are emergency preparedness exercises are required?

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If your clinic opens at 8:30AM, when do you start taking patients back to rooms?

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What lab tests are all RHCs required to provide?

Your score is


What’s Next?

If you are looking for someone to guide you through a full mock survey and correct any deficiencies, our RHC consulting team would love to work with you!


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