All your data, in one system. Financial. Clinical. Resource.

Financial Management with ERP

Imagine all financial management in one system, available anytime, anywhere. Azalea’s Hospital ERP solution brings all activities into one system saving you time and money.


  • Cloud-based, affordable
  • Real-time dashboards and score cards tracking financial health
  • Centralized and enterprise roll-up reporting
  • Full financial management and integrated patient accounting
  • Process payroll
  • Manage materials
  • Track fixed assets

Is every dollar in your organization working for you? Segment, track and analyze to maximize your organization’s financial health.

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Finally, you can manage your organization with ease.

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ERP Benefits

Gain Visibility

With our dashboards and financial score cards you gain real time insight on the financial health of not only your organization as a whole but also visibility into departments and locations.

Detailed and Unified Reporting

Want to see the details of one department or location? Sure. Need a unified report across all departments and locations? No problem. Our customizable reporting puts your data at your fingertips, so you can act.

Anytime, Anywhere

Access your critical financial information on any device, at any time. Azalea Health provides a single solution for your hospital – EHR, HIS, ED, ERP – all on a cloud platform.

“From automating workflow and providing real-time visibility into financials; to leveraging distribution resource planning to alleviate risks of unavailable inventory; to building shift dashboards for resource planning – the opportunities are endless.”

– Jeff Meaux, Senior VP of Sales of Azalea Health