Azalea® RCM Billing for Telehealth

Doctor using tablet with RCM services“We are very excited about Azalea’s telehealth solution and love how it’s fully integrated with our EHR and patient records. We immediately can increase care coordination, communication and even patient safety, which all leads to improved care quality, better outcomes and increased patient satisfaction.” – Shawn Vandermark M.D., Vandermark Plastic Surgery, P.C.

With the use of telehealth to deliver care steadily increasing, understanding the functionality, limitations, coverage and best practices for telehealth billing are vital to maximizing reimbursement for providing these services. Changing regulations and the absence of consistent reimbursement policies create a challenge for physicians providing telehealth services and receiving reimbursements. However, telehealth can be a vital part of your hospital or practice, and Azalea Health has the industry expertise to help physicians get paid faster.

Azalea® RCM & Billing Services includes a full range of accounts receivable functions — electronic claims submission, reimbursement accounting, denials management, patient invoicing, collections, detailed billing reports, physician contracting and credentialing, customized for telehealth services.  

Why Choose Azalea® RCM Billing for Telehealth 

  • Capture reimbursement for both professional and facility/institutional fees for qualifying telehealth visits
  • Knowledgeable staff and industry experts who understand the distinct regulations and policies for Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial payers in each state
  • Uniquely customized platform and processes for hospitals, health systems, large practices, and billing companies
  • Optimize unique revenue and patient streams, while maintaining profitability and mazimizing reimbursements
  • Eliminate the stress of keeping up with constantly changing regulations and easily overcome the complexities of challenging rembursement policies
  • Increase revenue from increased accessibility and the convenience of providing patient consultations and physician collaborations
  • With Azalea’s Telehealth module fully integrated into Azalea® EHR, minimize disruptions in workflow while enhancing the services you provide to your patients

Telehealth Resources

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