Azalea Health cares about you and your family. We offer a competitive benefits package to eligible employees, which will help you and your family stay healthy, further your career-related education, enjoy time off, and prepare you financially for your retirement.

Insurance Benefits – Azalea offers full medical benefit coverage (including medical, dental, vision, telehealth, and life insurance) through our company’s employee benefit plan for you and your dependents.

*Azalea pays a generous portion of employee’s medical insurance plan, as well as supports 100% of the premiums for Life AD&D, Telehealth, and LT Disability for all full-time eligible employees.

Retirement Savings Plan – Azalea offers a 401K retirement savings program to all full-time and part-time employees. Azalea offers an aggressive matching program to all employees participating in the program.

Time Off Benefits – Azalea offers generous paid time off policies for all full-time employees. We keep our time off policies as simple as possible. We simply entrust you with paid time off each year and allow you to use it as you choose.

  • Paid Time Off: Azalea has a generous Paid Time Off (PTO) policy for full-time employees, which increases the amount of PTO you accrue the longer your work with us.
  • Holidays: In addition, employees eligible for PTO are also eligible for 6 paid national holidays.

Fitness & Wellness Benefit – Azalea offers a fun wellness incentive program to all eligible full-time employees. With this program, employees are eligible to receive a monthly monetary bonus that is driven by activity! Employees can each cash rewards by: checking into a fitness facility & event, as well as walking, biking, running, etc.

Tuition Reimbursement – Azalea recognizes that a highly-educated workforce keeps us ahead of the curve in our industry, and we encourage employees to continue their career-related education to better themselves and help us keep our competitive edge. Approved programs that relate to your role with Azalea may be eligible for reimbursement from the company.

Benefits Program Eligibility – Please be aware that each of our listed benefit programs have different effective / eligibility dates; these dates are primarily based on various time frames of employment.

All details for these benefits, including their eligibility requirements, will be discussed during the hiring process.