How MIPS Can Increase (or Decrease) Your Fee-For-Service Payments

CMS released the final 2017 MIPS scores to providers and practices, accessible from the QPP Website using your EIDM login and password. Many are wondering how they can increase or improve their MIPS score for 2018 and increase their fee-for-service payments. Azalea Health’s valued partner, ChartSpan provides insight into how to improve your MIPS score.

The MIPS program

The MIPS program was designed by CMS to be “budget neutral”. This means that, in order for practices to receive the full positive payment incentive, there have to be a sufficient number of providers who receive a negative adjustment maintaining a budget neutral result. Participation in MIPS for 2017 exceeded expectations with 91% of all providers reporting the minimum requirements. As a result, the positive adjustment that you see on your report may be lower than you expected.

With 2017 being the ”transition year” for MIPS, providers were able to submit minimal data to avoid a penalty. Only 9% of providers who were eligible for MIPS chose not to attest. This means only 9% of all providers were penalized in 2017. For this reason, the median MIPS performance was adjusted and there was not as much money for full positive adjustments. Although the positive adjustments are smaller than expected, it shows providers are engaged and participating in MIPS.

Leverage Chronic Care Management

In 2018, it is more important than ever to push hard through the end of the year (and beyond) and increase your MIPS scores.  As MIPS requirements continue to increase, there will be more providers who will fail to keep up with the change and will not score well, resulting in reduced fee-for-service payments. To ensure your success and give you a better chance of a larger payment increase, our ChartSpan MIPS Quality Team is working hard to assist Azalea Health customers in getting their MIPS scores as high as possible. To achieve these scores ChartSpan leverages its robust CCM program to positively influence many of your key MIPS scoring measures.

Azalea Health customers can enroll in this specially designed Chronic Care Management and MIPS Compliance Program to help ensure they can achieve the industry’s highest scores possible, year in and year out.

ChartSpan practices and providers averaged an estimated 91.2 score last year and a 1.8% increase in fee-for-service reimbursements with the majority of clients scoring a perfect 100 score and achieving the largest reimbursement increase possible. ChartSpan will be working on quality initiatives with Azalea providers and patients to help drive these quality measure scores throughout 2018.

If you would like additional information on MIPS Compliance and Chronic Care Management programs to help you score as high as possible, please visit or contact


Angela Stokes
Executive Director of Quality Services
ChartSpan Medical Technologies.