Azalea® eRx

Azalea® eRx (ePrescribing) is an essential element for improving the quality of patient care and enhancing patient safety.

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Azalea® eRx
Electronic Prescribing

Azalea eRx gives prescribers the ability to electronically send accurate and error-free prescriptions directly to pharmacies from the point-of-care. Reduce errors commonly associated with paper-based processes such as handwriting illegibility, wrong dosage, and missed drug-drug and drug-allergy reactions.

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boss icon Increased Productivity

Faster, one click, multi-script prescription renewal process. Case studies suggest a savings of 1-2 hours/day for office staff. Increased productivity due to less time spent with pharmacy questions and renewal requests.

alert icon Powerful Interaction Checking

Powerful drug-drug and drug-allergy interaction checking, dosage alerts, and other clinical decision tools provide for safer prescribing. Faster patient notification in the event of FDA safety alerts, without having to pull any charts.

add icon And More...

Real-time patient medication lists pulled from three PBM's and pharmacy fill history. Patient specific formulary status displayed at point of care. Electronic mail order connectivity to Caremark, ESI and Medco. And, of course, it is web based.

Electronic Prescribing (eRx) Incentive Program

The electronic prescribing (eRx) Incentive Program is a federally mandated reporting program that offers a combination of incentive payments and payment adjustments to encourage electronic prescribing by eligible professionals (EP).

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All Azalea Products Feature:

Cloud Based Cloud Based
The cloud-based system allows you to safely and securely operate your practice without worrying about constant back-ups. Infinite space and scalability means that you can enjoy unlimited growth in your practice.
Security Security
Azalea products are hosted on a secure cloud environment that also allows infinite expansion. Every scanned file or document is encrypted and stored on the cloud at rest. All access to Azalea products are controlled by user permissions which grant different levels of authorization according to the user. All products have an audit trail that allows the user to view and track every action in real-time.
Simplicity Simplicity
Users will enjoy simple site navigation designed to allow the user to move rapidly within the system. The products are quick, easy to use, and constructed to reduce the amount of time it takes for the user to complete a task.
Secure Messaging Secure Messaging System
Message patients and personnel within your office through the secure messaging system. The messaging system has the look and feel of e-mail and is simple to use.
No Software or Hardware No Software or Hardware Installation
Being a web-based system allows Azalea products to operate on a web browser alone. That's it. No other hardware or software is required. Azalea products are built based on web standards and are updated regularly without assistance from the user.
Data Integrity Validation Data Integrity Validation
Azalea products enable its users to instantly check field entries to ensure accuracy. Field entries include date of birth, insurance authentication, and even address verification.
Mobile Compatible Mobile Compatible
We know that today's provider is always on-the-go and understand that it is crucial that your practice is accessible from everywhere you go with internet access. Our flexible Azalea products are compatible with both smartphones and tablets, allowing your practice to be only a finger click away at all times.
HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA Compliant

All Azalea products are fully HIPAA compliant and we strive as a company to consistently update our product line to ensure that it maintains the highest level of security in order to not only protect our clients, but their patients as well. Learn More...

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