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Azalea Health Innovations Friends Newsletter – July 2008

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Azalea Health Innovations Friends Newsletter – July 2008

* Welcome
* Azalea LabHub™ is Finally Here
* Billing Tips: Modifiers 25 vs 57
* Look for AHI’s TV Commercial
* Product Highlight: Praxis EMR Knowledge Exchanger


Welcome to the second edition of the Azalea Health Innovations Friends Newsletter. We like to keep our friends and associates in touch with our progress and keep you up-to-date with our innovative product and service offerings.

Azalea LabHub™ is Finally Here!

Azalea LabHub™, a proprietary AHI product, is an innovative solution we have been developing for quite some time. AHI is excited to bring LabHub to the medical community.

Azalea LabHub™ is an online web-based medical laboratory ordering and reporting system targeted toward hospital laboratories, regional/national medical laboratories, and physician’s in-house laboratories. We are currently testing the system with a medical facility in our region. AHI will soon release additional information about the results of the implementation of LabHub™. You can read more about LabHub™ and its features by clicking the link below:

Billing Tips: Modifiers 25 vs 57 for E/M Services:

There is often a lot of confusion on what scenarios require the use of modifier 25 vs 57 for E/M codes.

Modifier 25 is used to describe separate, distinctly identifiable services from other services or procedures rendered during the same visit. Always attach the modifier to the evaluation and management code and not the procedure.

Modifier 57: Definition: Decision for Surgery
Use Modifier 57 when an evaluation and management (E&M) service resulted in the initial decision to perform surgery. Major surgical procedure is defined by CMS as a procedure having a 90-day global period assigned by CMS. The global period includes the 1-day prior to surgery.

The main difference between the two modifiers lies in the procedure performed with the E/M service. If it was a major surgery (90 day global period) then use 57 on the E/M code, if not use 25.

Billing Questions? Please contact our Certified Healthcare Reimbursement Specialist today. (229) 269-4620 or (877) 777-7686.

Watch for AHI’s TV Commercial:

Our commercial which was produced by The Group at ADG Studios will start airing on August 4th. We posted the commercial on and can be viewed by visiting the link below:

Our commercial will be aired in the Valdosta and Lake Park areas. We want to thank the Artist Development Group for their help on this project and we look forward to working with them on future projects.

Product Highlight: Praxis EMR Knowledge Exchanger:

We are extremely happy that all our Praxis clients now have access to the Knowledge Base Exchanger and currently 12 excellent knowledge bases from a growing range of specialties.

These knowledge bases are now “in beta” can be viewed and downloaded free of charge from (Username and password needed).

Take advantage of these free knowledge bases while you still can. After the initial beta test period, charges will be applied for the license of each knowledge base. Each knowledge base is the property of a Praxis physician who has chosen to license them. We thank them for their participation in this project. To read more about the Praxis EMR Knowledge Exchanger please go to:

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